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Hunan to recruit Talents in Boston 长沙国家生物产业基地波士顿招才

October 28, 2012

A 10-member delegation from Hunan Liuyang Biopark is coming to Boston on Oct. 29 to recruit talents. They would like to meet with local students, professionals and entrepreneurs who are seeking collaboration and career opportunities in China. The main focus will be Bio/Pharma related professionals and enterprises. They will introduce the established platforms and favorable policies in Changsha Liuyang Park and would like to hear your feedback. Welcome to meet Hunan delegation!


长沙国家生物产业基地是2006年10月由国家发改委批准认定的、以湖南浏阳生物医药园区为核心区的 国家级生物产业基地,是中西部地区惟一的国家级生物产业基地。



长沙国家生物产业基地核心区现拥有生物医药、生物农业企业370余家,其中工厂170家。是国内GMP工厂最集中的医药园区,2012年产值270亿元,税 收12亿元。著名企业有尔康制药、九芝堂斯奇生物、威尔曼制药、老百姓安邦制药、九典制药、泰尔制药及蓝思科技、介面光电等。

Lunch is free(To sign up, please click RSVP).

Parking at Doubletree parking lot is free. Please enter the hotel parking garage from Storrow Drive.