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2015 费城 “华人生物产业之夜”鸡尾酒会邀请函

June 16, 2015
为了促进海外生物技术企业和专家与国内企业的交流合作以及生物领域投资金融业 务的拓展,北大未名集团与中国国际贸易促进委员会一起在费城生物产业大会期间(6 月16 日晚 6:00-9:00,Courtyard Philadelphia Downtown)举办“华人生物产业之夜” 鸡尾酒会。届时将邀请全球生物行业协会及理事会的杰出代表以及成员,中国生物 产业政策制定相关的官方代表,中国参会企业代表,以及中美生物投资领域的活跃 人士参加此次酒会。希望借此机会给大家提供一个交流、结识的平台,以及为海外 与国内的全方位合作搭建一座桥梁。有什么好的建议、意见或者人员推荐请随时联 系。我们衷心期盼您的光临。


Invitation for 2015 ‘Chinese Bioindustry Night’ Cocktail Party in Philadelphia

The ‘Chinese Bioindustry Night’ cocktail party will be held during the 2015 BIO International Convention in Philadelphia (6-9 pm June 16th, Courtyard Philadelphia Downtown) by Sinobioway Group and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). The event is organized for the promotion ofcommunications and exchanges between China’s domestic and overseas biotech companies andexperts, and the expansion of investment and financing in the field. Invitees include outstandingdelegates and members of global bioindustry-related associations and councils, official representativesof China’s bioindustry policy-making, representatives of attending China’s enterprises and China-US bio-investment activists. We hope to take the opportunity to provide a platform for all of us to meet and talk, and to build a bridge for all-round overseas and domestic cooperation. Please feel free to contact us forany good suggestions, advice or recommendations. We are looking forward to your coming.

Means of Contact
Contact:  Dr. Liu Chun
Sinobioway Group Co., Ltd. TEL: +86-10-62721982
Mobile: +86-18612491125